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Uber Reveals the Perils of Grit Gone Wild

Set bold goals. Drive for results. Accelerate growth. Foster competition. Push people to excel. This is the ‘grit’ side of business success, and it’s become a favored playbook in the…

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Grit and Grace…On Behalf of What?

I usually steer away from philosophy in this blog, focusing more on practical leadership topics. But from time to time, I think it’s important to step back from the ‘how…

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Selfishness or Self-sacrifice: Is That Our Only Choice?

“Even though my efforts helped that project succeed, I’m not comfortable tooting my own horn.” “It’s really hard for me to leave the office on time when I know my…

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It’s (still) Not Easy Being ‘Grit’

Earlier this year, my partner and I interviewed 28 women leaders about their styles of influence and how those styles work – or don’t – in organizational life. (You can…

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An Anthem To Balance

In her song,  “Back to the Middle”  India.Arie makes the perfect musical case for integrating grit and grace.