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Selfishness or Self-sacrifice: Is That Our Only Choice?

“Even though my efforts helped that project succeed, I’m not comfortable tooting my own horn.” “It’s really hard for me to leave the office on time when I know my…

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An Anthem To Balance

In her song,  “Back to the Middle”  India.Arie makes the perfect musical case for integrating grit and grace.  

The Power of Vulnerability

As an advocate for the underserved in her community, Gloria is recognized as a true leader. She’s smart, resourceful and has a commanding presence. She is unafraid to challenge injustice…

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Do you ‘claim your space’ as a leader?

Here’s a test.  Recall the last time you were in a crowded elevator, plane, bus or sidewalk. When other people pushed up against you, how did you respond physically? Did…

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