Leading With Grit & Grace®

As a woman leader, have you ever the received feedback that your direct style was intimidating or aggressive?  Or that your collaborative style makes you appear less… leader-like?  Are you spending a lot of energy trying to find that mythical “just right” style that gets results without making you look like a shrew or a doormat?

If so, you are not alone.  Despite all the progress women have made in the work world, they still tend to receive much greater stylistic scrutiny than their male counterparts, which adds a lot of pressure.  Over the course of your career, you may have tried many different strategies to find a style that works, such as…:

  • Leaning more heavily on your natural style.  “Supportiveness is working, but only so far.  I guess I need to be even more supportive.”     
  • Abandoning your natural style and adopting the opposite. “Being tough gets me in trouble – I guess I’ll just have to start soft-pedaling everything.”   
  • Toggling between toughness and caring. “I tried being collaborative last time, and they ignored me.  This time I’ll try pressing my point.”     

How well have these strategies worked for you…and for how long?

There is a different way.  What if you could keep your natural style, but strengthen it by incorporating the best of what’s missing?  What if you could become more versatile without having to become someone else?

Leading With Grit & Grace® (LGG) is a suite of programs designed to help women leaders navigate these ongoing stylistic pressures. The suite consists of three categories of offerings, which range in depth, duration and cost:

Executive Coaching

pretty African American executiveYour optimal balance  of toughness and compassion will be completely unique to who you are and the culture where you work. Although that may be intellectually obvious, you may have noticed that it is not always easy to strike that elusive blend. Finding your stylistic sweet spot usually doesn’t happen over night, and it doesn’t happen simply on the basis of a new insight or a piece of feedback.  It often takes development – a sustained process of reflection, practice and ‘muscle building’ – to translate a good idea into consistent behavior. This is why executive coaching is the cornerstone of Leading With Grit and Grace’s® (LGG’s) service offerings.

If we each do our part in the coaching process, you’ll end up with an ability to ‘move differently’ in the specific area that we work on…and to consistently sustain that behavior change after the coaching ends.  In order to make that happen through coaching, you are  building three elements:

  • a deeper understanding of yourself and your leadership style
  • an expanded set of skills that helps you become more versatile without becoming someone you’re not
  • the ‘muscle memory’ that can transform new skills into sustainable habits

Workshops & WebinarsWomensConference1

While executive coaching creates deep change at the individual level, workshops have the potential to initiate change at a broader scale.   They are the solution of choice when you want to introduce people to a new way of thinking and to give them the beginning seeds of behavior change.   Workshops will give participants across your organization a common framework and vocabulary for discussing issues of power and influence.  They initiate cross-functional and cross-level conversations that might not otherwise occur.

I offer several workshops that vary in length, depth and potential for lasting impact. Each workshop can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs. This list gives an initial sense of the possibilities.

  • “Introduction to Grit and Grace” (workshop or keynote format) – a short introduction to the foundational concepts.  Participants gain self-awareness of their power style (origins and implications), create a personal vision for an expanded style, and actively experiment with putting that into play.
  • “Setting the Foundation” – a 2.5-day dive into the Grit and Grace model of power. Participants gain a deeper self-awareness and begin to build specific skills that they can transfer to their real-world experience.
  • “TeleSeries” – A customizable series of teleseminars or webinars that make the LGG concepts available to women throughout your organization, without the expense or opportunity costs of in- person training.
  • “Embodying Grit and Grace: A Developmental Program” – a multi-month cohort development program. The purpose of this program is to effect real and lasting change at the individual level, and to foster a robust learning network that can continue indefinitely. The program is structured in three class sessions over a nine-month period. Between sessions, there are individual and group assignments, and each participant works with an executive coach.

All workshops are designed to be fast-paced, experiential and give participants practical tools they can use immediately

MicrophoneKeynote Addresses 

Looking for an engaging presentation for one of your upcoming conferences? Leading With Grit & Grace® is consistently well received by women in various sectors and at all levels. Addresses include easy-to-grasp concepts, humor, practical examples and as much audience participation as the event and context will allow.